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All nursery staff could be forced to have first aid training by summer!

Following our earlier news item on Paediatric First Aid in Nurseries, Sam Gyimah, childcare and education minister, has ordered a review of whether to introduce mandatory paediatric first aid training for all nursery employees, which could be enforced by this summer.

The review has been put forward after the death of 9 month old Millie Thompson at a nursery in October 2012, when she choked on her meal. The supervisor’s first aid training had expired and another staff member who did have training was unable to save Millie.

The review will consider whether all nursery staff should have the training and whether it should be the duty of nurseries or their staff that this has been carried out.

The law could be changed updating the Early Years Foundation stage, which is the framework document for nurseries, using secondary legislation which would not require a vote of MPs.  For further information on the full story please read here!

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