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Special First Aid & Trauma Training Projects

Confined Spaces with First Aid & Trauma Training

From Trauma Training and Confined Space Training to Expedition Leader and Survival Courses, these are among just a few of the Special Projects covered by First Aid & Trauma Training. If you have a special project in mind and you cannot find the appropriate training resources, please contact us and we will be more than happy to put together a bespoke project plan with you!

Confined Spaces – Confined Space Training, Confined Space Cleaning and Rescue

We have provided training and conducted numerous Confined Space work within the UK, including a joint training exercise with the Droitwich Fire Services Urban Search And Rescue Team and Sewer Flow monitor company Enviromontels (Flow Monitoring, Confined Space Rescue & Water Sampling Contractor).

We have also provided First Aid Cover and our Confined Space experience at a large sewer entrance in Oxford Street, London. Then, moving onto Swansea, working in a very tight confined 400m long tube to do an inspection at a recycling plant; to our most dangerous confined space job to date, retrieving broken machinery from a deep oil degreasing pit at a metal foundry, we got the job done under full BA Safety’s partnership, due to the dangerous atmosphere but it was absolutely shattering!

Survival Courses & Expedition Leader

First Aid & Trauma Training offer bespoke Survival Training and Expedition Leader packages to fit in with your needs and group requirements. Get involved in designing your own bespoke expedition by matching the objectives and aspirations of your team with each phase between treks of different duration, altitude, terrain, or, if you are limited for time, let us choose the highlights for you.

We also offer Survival Training & Expedition Leadership for School and Youth Groups too. The younger generation rarely experience serious challenges in their everyday lives, especially the challenges which help them work under pressure, working in a team and finding out where their loyalties lie in extreme situations.

If you would like your pupils to broaden and develop their experiences, leaving at the end of the course with a real sense of achievement, then this is the right package for you!