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Ben Limbrick

Ben Limbrick

BA (Hons), PGDE – Lead First Aid and Confined Space Instructor, Managing Director

As a former Royal Marine I have seen my fair share of first aid incidents both here and overseas; and I know fully the importance of providing timely and effective first aid care to those people who need it most. I have worked as a fully qualified Lecturer at a leading Southwest college; during this time one of my roles was to provide the continuous training and retraining of staff and students in first aid and scene management. I have a wide range of experience in teaching and instructing a variety of different learners and for this reason I ensure that all learning styles are catered for within the lessons. We are  based in the Gloucestershire area but with an extensive team of instructors we are more than willing to travel around the country to your location and deliver courses on your site in order to minimise disruption to your staff.

Most recently I have work within the Maritime Security Industry in an anti-piracy team medic role. The remoteness of this work has led to me furthering my own skill set by completing numerous trauma management courses, and very soon trauma courses will also be offered in conjunction with our regular courses.

Tim Oliver

Lead Outdoor Instructor and Confined Space Specialist

Tim Oliver

Chris Newcombe

Experienced Specialist in First Aid Training & Operations

John Hughes

Experienced First Aid Instructor and Confined Space Specialist

Vicky Lott

NHS A&E Nurse

Debbie Williams

Experienced Care Worker

Lauren Proctor

Maxi Facial Specialist

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We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic people to join our team. If you feel you can contribute to First Aid & Trauma Training, please send us a message.

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    This was a very good course and my skills have really improved since attending, I have learnt how to deal with accidents and how to conduct myself in an emergency.

    H Russell

    HR Manager, Hallmark Hotels

    This course has really made me confident as a first aider, it was fun and the instructor was brilliant.

    Luke White

    Buildex Construction Limited

    Quite simply Ben was brilliant!

    Jon Gillot

    Initial Recruitment Services

    I learned a lot that I didn’t know and it has given me confidence to administer first aid if required, I really enjoyed this course as it was easily understood.

    Liz Haines

    Lonsdale Church

    I would fee very scared but would now be prepared to help people who need it if possible. To me the most important thing was to learn the procedure for CPR and the first action to take. The course has been packed but really enjoyable.


    Diocese of Gloucester

    Wow just received a phone call from a company in Worcester where I taught CPR and oxygen administration two weeks ago. It turns out one of their fellow workers collapsed yesterday from a cardiac arrest and his colleagues who leapt into action and responded in the correct way received praise from the cardiac surgeon who said they undoubtedly saved his life. That is what it’s all about and I am really proud to say I taught them the basics to make that difference. Death 0 – First Aid and Trauma Training 1. Don’t delay, learn the basics today!

    Ben Limbrick

    BA PGDE - Lead Instructor

    A really enjoyable course in quite challenging surroundings, Ben dealt brilliantly with the situation and continued to keep the course running even when interrupted by clients, a great course that has refreshed my skills.

    Sardar Parween

    Carer , Cotswold House Care Home