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First Aid and Trauma Training Instructor Ben Limbrick has been working on a joint training exercise with the Droitwich Fire Services Urban Search And Rescue Team and Sewer Flow monitor company Enviromontels Confined Space Rescue Team

The purpose built USAR training centre built in Droitwich, Worcestershire is home to the USAR team that covers the Midlands and Gloucestershire. Ben has been with them as they work in a joint exercise testing emergency service procedures in response to a serious confined space incident. Ben who is the Confined Space Trauma Medic has been describing the exercise.

“It has been excellent working with the USAR team, we have been conducting exercises in very cramped and tight conditions, and have been learning to treat casualties that may be seriously injured and trapped in these tight spaces.”
Ben Limbrick

The exercise was sadly cut short due to a serious fire incident in Hereford, however, there are plans for more joint exercises in the future.