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It’s 10.45pm and Ben Limbrick is out on the streets of London, providing First Aid cover at a large sewer entrance. The streets are still thronging at this time of night but it is vital that maintenance work can take place within the sewer system. The crew from Enviromontel are highly experienced at going into sewers, however with all sewers and confined spaces there is an element of risk when entering them, from increased water flow, noxious gases and the hazards of slipping, tripping and falling and so it is important to ensure that if anything goes wrong there is a rescue team and first aid capability available. Ben Limbrick from First Aid and Trauma Training has been providing assistance with his mixture of First Aid and Confined Space Training He said

“It’s certainly a lot different than being in a classroom teaching first aid, to start with there are the rats to contend with, as well as the crowds of tourists who want to take photo’s. On a serious note though this practical application of my skills really allows me to have a better understanding of first aid in the classroom.”
Ben Limbrick

Thankfully the incident passed without incident, apart from one member of the working team who got very wet, from an overflow pipe and smelt a bit on the journey home.